Living for the weekend?


Last week was tough. Getting back into a routine of getting up early (6am), working full-time and then coming home and getting back into some sort of exercise routine left me feeling shattered. I do love routine though, it keeps me going I know where I am and I can plan stuff. I’m a big planner. I’m not too keen on being spontaneous, whether that’s a good or a bad thing I’m not sure.

So after a weekend of catching up on sleep and preparing meals for the week, I think i’m ready for the week ahead, 5 full days back at work. I’m not enjoying work too much at the moment so I do find myself living for the weekend which isn’t really what I should be doing. I should be enjoying each day and getting out of it as much as I can. I guess it’s because my usual routine packs in so much during the week that at the weekend I get to relax and take time doing what I enjoy. Goodness knows how all the working Mums and Dads out there manage trying to fit in looking after their children as well as the usual daily grind!

Anyways, this week I’ve got Zumba, my first weigh-in after the Christmas binge, a trip to the gym, a wii Zumba & Just Dance session and walking woofer everyday. Have a good week everyone {sig}

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  • Reply Lucy 09/01/2012 at 9:53 pm

    Hi Love!
    I’m totally with you on the living for the weekends. it sounds as if we have similar routines – 6am starts, long busy days at work, exercise to fit in as well as cooking, pets and husbands! Lol. It all quickly takes its toll hey? Like you its hard to imagine how working mums manage.
    I’m all about routine and planning too – although I like spontaneity its not good for me, thats when i lose track of my calorie counting and exercise, so routine, however boring, is what keeps me on the straight and narrow.
    I put on 5lbs over Christmas, and lost 4lbs this week – so will soon be back on track to more loss. I’ve now lost 26lbs and am aiming to lose 56lbs by my wedding (11th Aug) so its great for me to read about your journey and see that its totally do-able!
    Good luck with your weigh-in this week
    Luce xxx

  • Reply Tim 10/01/2012 at 10:45 pm

    I’m the same regarding work. I can’t wait for the week to be over. I’ve been saying that since 7am on Monday morning. Meh! 3 days to go!

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