Central Square Complete – Made in Cherry QAL

pins & bobbins
I’ve progressed quite well this weekend with my Made in Cherry quilt top. I spent my Friday evening avoiding the kitchen and cutting my squares and triangles for the quilt. It takes a lot of concentration trying to get every square the exact same size. I did have a few slips with the blade and unfortunately have a few more scraps than I had planned. Yesterday whilst battling the dreaded lurgy and keeping kleenex in business, I sewed up a couple of my blocks. Today I have finished off the central square and whilst the seams don’t always match up i’m hoping I can get away with it when I put the points into the mix. I’m not going to get much time to do more sewing this week so will probably pick it up again next weekend but here it is so far..

Apologies for the poor picture – light is terrible in the evening!

I’ve heard over on twitter that other people are getting on really well so can’t wait to have a nose at their progress and seeing how their central squares are sizing up! {sig}

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