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January 2012

    Finishing January on a high!

    I must tell myself off more often because I lost 5.5lb this week at weigh in. I was over the bloody moon, if not totally gobsmacked! I was hoping for a loss so was overwhelmed with the result. I’m putting the loss down to eating good meals through the day, sticking to my allowances and getting plenty of exercise.

    I’ve had a post weigh in meal of pizza followed by some chocolate and now I’m ready to face the next week ahead with good healthy balanced meals, plenty of fluids and more exercise. I’m hoping to get to the gym at some point this week but I’m not at work for the next few weeks so my routine is all out of sync but I’m hoping to get there. I’m also hoping to start a regular walk with some of the people from my WW class. We’re going to make each other power walk a couple of mile to get our heart rates up and actually do something positive together. Should be a good laugh if nothing else.

    So I’m all ready to get February started, I’m focused, determined and can’t wait to get my 4 and half stone target smashed sharpish (3lb to go) Bring it on! {sig}

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