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    What a fab Christmas, 2012


    Now all the festivities are over, I can relax and share with you all what a lovely Christmas I’ve had.

    Since Christmas Eve, it feels like it’s been go, go, go. We’ve enjoyed a family Christmas Eve party, Christmas Day spent with both our families opening presents galore and stuffing our faces with Christmas lunch and party food; a second Christmas Day lunch on Boxing Day followed by the annual family games night, another family games evening resulting in a win for my team and a final Christmas family get together with more food, presents and giggles.

    We were incredibly lucky this Christmas as not only did we receive some gorgeous gifts for ourselves but BabyShilts did really well too.    I bought hubby a ‘Unicorn on Tour’ dartboard which is simply a dart board you can strap to a door and play darts. Since BabyShilts’ nursery is now ready for his appearance, hubby’s current dartboard is being made redundant. Hubby gave me a Snowflake charm for my Links of London charm bracelet, Olly Murs’ album, some yummy chocs, a pair of sparkly earrings and a box of muslins that match the nursery.

    Our other lovely gifts included a ‘Relax and wait for baby goody box’ each from the in-laws, the carry cot which accompanies our travel system from my parents, a play gym for BabyShilts, lots of yummy chocolates and biscuits from various members of the family and friends. I was also given some fabulous Soap and Glory goodies, the Hairy Dieters cook book, The Paradise DVD, a fab money savings pot, lots of baby stuff for BabyShilts and some money. Hubby and I are going to put the money to very good use and buy a chair for the nursery for night feeds. We’ve seen one in Ikea which we like so will pop down in the next week to pick one up.

    All in all, a very happy Christmas spending quality time with our families and now I’m well and truly ready to welcome in the new year when our next big chapter starts.. Exciting!

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