Weightloss reflections for 2011


Weigh in showed I’d gained 2.5lb this week but following on from last weeks massive loss of 7lb I knew I’d put something back on so I was happy with that.

In 50 weeks I have lost (in total) 58.5lb and I’m pretty damn pleased with that.

So what have I lost and gained over the year…I’ve gone down 3 (definite) dress sizes, down one shoe size, I’ve lost many inches off my body (will post the actual measurements on my weightloss page). I have gained a massive amount of self confidence and I actually quite like myself now. I’ve gained some incredibly amazing friends who have helped me every step of the way this year (WW & Zumba) and I’m hoping they will continue to inspire, motivate and kick me up the bum in the new year for the next phase of my this weightloss journey. I’ve also gained some self control and proved to myself that actually if you want something bad enough, nothing will get in your way!

I’m hoping not to go too overboard this Christmas and have been tracking what I’ve been eating. My downfall is buffet and sweets so if I can eliminate them from my sight I’ll be doing ok! (I have hidden my jelly beans from my curious box under the sideboard but I keep remembering they are there so I’m sure they’ll be eaten at some point!) Must get out with the dog tomorrow for exercise but the weather has been total crap lately and neither of us love the rain or wind to the point where we are totally soaked. Will try to get out tomorrow as the weather is looking very non-white and warm! Mad eh? {sig}

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  • Reply Seren 22/12/2011 at 7:30 am

    What a stellar year – well done! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas.


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