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It’s been a busy week at the MrsShilts household, lots of things going on and not a lot of time to blog. So catching up, at weigh in last Tuesday, the scales showed I’d managed to stay the same which is short of some sort of miracle but I was happy with that. I didn’t want to go to my hospital appointment weighing more than I had the previous week so I guess that was ok.

On Thursday I had ‘the’ appointment at the hospital. I’ve had this appointment for well over a year and last time I went I came home really upset (blogged about it here) so was quite anxious about what the Doctor was going to say. I’m pleased to say it went better than expected and the Doctor was really nice. It was a different doctor to the one who saw me initially but it was nice to know that they recognised all my hardwork with my weightloss. I came out smiling like a cheshire cat and was really pleased that she took me off one set of drugs but upped another. The latter should help me more with my weightloss so that’s a good thing.

On Friday evening, hubby and I went to Milton Jones. I wasn’t sure if I would ‘get’ his humour but he was really funny and we had a good giggle. What was really annoying though are those people who think they’re funny by heckling the ‘real’ comedian but in reality they just look really stupid! Milton dealt with it really well so I guess he must be used to it.

Saturday came and so hubby and I decorated the house with all the Christmas decorations. It looks so pretty now. It was also the day of our Weight Watchers class Christmas meal. We went to our local Harvester as it was relatively cheap and you could chose a two or three course meal with unlimited salad. There were 21 of us in total and it was great to see everyone dress up for the occasion (despite only being at the Harvester!) Unfortunately the staff and service were pants, we couldn’t all sit on the same table which was annoying and the food took forever to come even though they had our meal choices earlier in the week with our deposits. In the end, Deb our leader complained about the food and service and managed to bag a massive discount, thanks Deb. I ate a bowl of Salad, 2 bread rolls, my festive combo of grilled turkey and bacon steak with a small handful of chips and for dessert I had a toffee sundae.

Here’s my Sister and I all glammed up for the occasion….

My Sister looked fabulous and even though I did resemble the Christmas Tree fairy, I actually loved putting on the heels and dress. I’d have never done that a year ago! We went back to our friends house for a few drinks and enjoyed toffee vodka, vodka jellies and cheeky vimto, thanks Andy & Amanda.

On Sunday we met up with hubby’s side of the family at a local restaurant and we had a delicious 4 course meal. (The weekend wasn’t very WW friendly) I had melon with raspberry sorbet followed by winter vegtable soup. The main was beef with all the trimmings and again I had ice-cream for pudding. For some reason, I’ve totally gone off chocolate for pudding. Chocolate fudge cake is far too rich for me and I’d much rather have ice cream over a gooey chocolate pud. Strange, what’s happening to me! We then went back to our Aunties house and exchanged Christmas cards and had more food…gotta love a buffet!

Here’s a piccy of my hubby and I before we went out to the meal….

Don’t we look posh!

Overall I’ve had a fantastic weekend and even better Monday as I had the day off work. I love annual leave!  I’ve heard we might be in for a flurry of snow at some point this week, it’s definitely cold enough for it so will be watching the big open space for its anticipated arrival. Only 4 days at work then another weekend….hurrah, I could get used to this! {sig}

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  • Reply Lauren - Big Eejit 05/12/2011 at 11:23 pm

    Look at you, gorgeous lady! X

  • Reply Seren 06/12/2011 at 8:25 am

    Looking very gorgeous and glam there, missus!


  • Reply Tim 06/12/2011 at 11:10 pm

    You look great in your pictures!

    Ugh, Harvester. Sooo many problems with them when it comes to service. They can be so frustrating!

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