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I’ve now finished work for the Christmas holidays and I’m planning on using the time wisely to unwind, get creative and bake. I’m hoping to get my sewing machine out and move my crafty stuff downstairs so I can have a play around with a few ideas I’ve got. I’m hoping to get my quilting creative juices flowing again as there are so many fab quilt patterns out there and I have a massive amount of unused fabric that could be put to better use. I do also really enjoy cross-stitch at this time of the year (I realise I do sound like my Mom!) so will be getting that out again and stitching the nights away. It also helps with the weightloss as if i’m doing something else I’m not boredom eating. It is so easy to over-eat at this time of year just because you’re not doing anything except watching the TV.

I’m hoping to get some more baking done over the next couple of weeks and have seen tons of mouth watering recipes to try but have got these few recipes on my to do list:

Holly’s Christmas Truffles

Speculoos from Butcher, Baker

Scotch Shortbread from Butcher, Baker

I’ve also got the task of icing my Christmas Cake but will be taking a few lessons from Mary Berry herself (well I’ll be following the video found here). I’m quite looking forward to seeing how it has turned out. It smells divine all wrapped up in the tin so hopefully will be quite tasty on Christmas Day but at more than 400 calories a slice I’ll be having just the one.

Are you enjoying the build up to Christmas? What have you been baking this year? {sig}

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  • Reply PlumPetals 19/12/2011 at 1:31 pm

    This year it’s been cupcakes galore in my house. I bought tons of nice Christmasy sprinkles and other cake decor when I was in the States earlier this month — so I’ve been making the most of them :) They’ve been dangerous to have in the house though … so I’m making sure to spread the cupcake love!

    Those cookies in the picture are decorated so beautifully!

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