Week 46: weigh in update


I am so chuffed with the weigh in this week because I lost 2.5lb. I’ve had a good week so was secretly hoping I’d have lost a decent amount this week. I started week 46 off with a trip to the gym so am hoping to replicate the same for the week ahead. I’ve made good choices this week and made some fab meals. I ate about 18 of my weeklies because I treated myself to a bag of jelly beans and some chocolate at the weekend so its good that I can still have those treats and lose weight. I have also done less exercise than a normal week but am conscious that I will need to be careful this week that not exercising as much in the previous might have a negative effect this week. I’m hoping to get to the gym tomorrow, do wii zumba on Thursday, day of exercise rest on Friday which also co-incides with a trip to the German market in Birmingham city centre on Friday night, walking and wii zumba on Saturday, regular walk over Sandwell Valley on Sunday and Zumba class on Monday. Hoping it will all pay off on the scales next Tuesday.

We’ve been told a bit about the new update to the WW plan that is launching properly in January. They’re introducing the ‘Filling and Healthy’ plan which means you can eat anything thats zero propoints and low in points (or highlighted green in the WW books) without counting until you’re satisfied. I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest. I’m not very good at knowing when I’m full up so I might stick to counting for a bit and then move onto the F&H plan in the new year. Also, those on 29 pp a day have the option to flex up and down their points. Again, this doesn’t really affect me because i’m on 37 daily points so I’m happy sticking to these so I can ensure I get in my daily curly wurly.

Here’s to one final week before ‘the’ big appointment (if it doesnt get cancelled again!) so am hoping for it to be a good one {sig}

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