Meal Planning Monday 28.11.2011


I’m attempting to stay on track this week in order to curb the expected weight gain which may follow after next weekend so what’s in store for dinner this week..

Monday – Zumba – Sausage and Mash Pie (WW recipe)
Tuesday – WW/Hubby out – WW Pizza and salad
Wednesday – Strike day – Glazed chicken & winter mash (WW recipe)
Thursday – Day off – Hubby to fend for himself as I’ll probably be eating at my Sisters
Friday – Milton Jones – Quick microwave meal (i.e lasagne & salad)
Saturday – WW Christmas Meal (Prawn Cocktail / Festive Combo / Rocky Horror Dessert)
Sunday – Family Pre-Christmas Get Together (Melon / Beef & Trimmings / Ice Cream)

Breakfast will be porridge or breakfast muffins and jam.
Lunch will be soup, WW friendly crisps and fruit. I’ll be upping my fluid intake this week too as seem to have struggled with that last week.

Wish me luck {sig}

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  • Reply Paul 01/12/2011 at 11:19 pm

    Good luck lovely.
    If anyone can. You can xx

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