Best laid plans and all that…


You know when you plan a week in your head and then in reality it never actually goes to plan? Yep, i’ve had one of those weeks so far.

So I went to the gym on Wednesday night and did some cardio as planned. I was impressed with myself for going as I felt like death but managed to do just short of an hours cardio including running on the treadmill, I’m trying to push myself to run more because I hate it and just can’t run at all. I managed to do three minutes running then intervals of walking, running, etc. I did that for 20 minutes so was fairly sweaty after that.  Thursday night mainly involved watching telly and avoiding the kitchen as I was trying not to use my weeklies knowing what the weekend had in store.

On Friday night, hubby and I went to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham City Centre. It was a planned event and a load of hubby’s work mates were out too. They had dubbed the night ‘silly hat night’. I went looking like this..

Hubby and his mates went looking like this….

As you can see, there were russian hats, traffic cones, turkeys, girly pigtails, aussie hats and more..

I knew we’d be eating out so I had 13 daily points plus all my weeklies to use up. I managed to scoff one and a half german sausage hot dogs with ketchup, one mug of hot cherry wine, a hot chocolate, a stick of grapes covered in white chocolate and a small cone of chips on the way home. I’m sure all my weeklies would have covered it but the scales this morning say otherwise!

Yesterday I went to a friends 50th Birthday party but nominated myself driver so I could stick within my points. I managed to save points for a couple of mini sausage rolls from the buffet but thats all I had so didn’t do too badly there.

Yesterday lunchtime, hubby and I were given a couple of tickets to the Good Food Show as the in-laws couldn’t use them so we took advantage of what would have been a lazy Sunday and drove over to the NEC. We went last year and wasn’t overly impressed but thought we’d give it another go as you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. We got there early and had a browse around. I saw Holly Bell from the Great British Bake Off fame and we saw Paul Rankin who was happily signing autographs. I also spotted a couple of people from Masterchef but I’m not sure who they are, I just ‘know’ their faces!  The freebies on offer this year seemed a lot more fruitful. Hubby enjoyed sampling various cheeses and meats whilst I was behaving myself and had a free coffee, a sample of chippatti and a small cube of gooey fudge ha ha! We were given free cartons of juice (cranberry and grape juice) and we also sampled some Salmon from The Saucy Fish Co. I’ve never tried Salmon before but I was pleasantly suprised. I tried it with a chilli, lime and ginger sauce and was that impressed we bought a couple of packs they had on offer for later in the month.

So on the food front I’m not having the best week but saying that I earnt 8 activity points on Friday walking around the Christmas market and have managed to earn 7 activity points so far from walking around the NEC and over the park with woofer. I’m planning on going to Zumba tomorrow night and then we’ll see what happens at weigh in on Tuesday night.

This week should be an interesting week. I’ve got ‘the’ hospital appointment on Thursday and then a busy weekend ahead. We’re off to see Milton Jones on Friday night, having a not-so-weight-watcher-friendly 3 course Christmas meal with the fab girls and fellas from my WW group and our annual family pre-Christmas get together on Sunday which includes a yummy 5 course meal and plenty of booze! So not expecting huge things on the scales the following week. If I put on, i’ll get it off so I’m not too worried!

What are your pre-Christmas plans? Are you enjoying yourself or resisting the naughtiness? {sig}

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