Week 42: Weigh in Update..


Another week on the wagon and weigh in showed I’d lost 1lb. I’m pleased with a loss but so frustrated that it was only 1lb. I need 0.5lb to get my 4 stone total loss, it’s so close I can see it but it’s so far away. Next week it WILL be mine!

I’ve tried really hard this week to get the exercise in. I’ve been to the gym, I did a 20 minute workout with Jillian Michaels (DVD), 2 x 4 mile walks over Sandwell Valley, a Zumba class and at least 5 miles walking round Birmingham City Centre today (Christmas shopping).

My food intake has been saintly, I’ve tracked EVERYTHING, resisted most of the naughty stuff (I did have some Jelly Beans but I pointed them and they were within my allowance) and I’ve been really good when eating out. We went to a Carvery Pub yesterday and whilst everyone else loaded their plates with yummy carvery, I had a lemon and pepper chicken salad.

Non-Scale-Victories: Some of my clothes are getting seriously too big, I wore my blue linen trousers today to shop in and whilst they fit round the waist, the bum and legs are massive on me. My Sister said they looked like pyjamas which was lovely! I also tried on a dress at the weekend for a Christmas party and whilst I liked it, I’m still not sure about getting my legs out for the world to see.

Anyway, looking ahead to next week I’m going to try and get my exercise quota in again, change my meals around a bit (no toast for breaky) and drink more water. Have a good week everyone {sig}


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  • Reply Seren 26/10/2011 at 11:47 am

    A pound loss is a fantastic achievement! Well done you! I know it’s frustrating when you’ve got a big milestone in sight but slow and steady will get you there in the end.


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