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What a day Wednesday was? So my long awaited hospital appointment got cancelled, the Doctor is off sick! Annoyed, very but strangely pleased as I get a little longer to get my 4 stone loss in the bag and onto the next stone. Then I found out that another loan has been taken out in hubby’s name. This is the second one! I’m so annoyed. We seriously don’t know who is doing it, or how on earth they have managed to get credit without any formal ID and incorrect dates of birth. Police are involved already so just hope we can get it sorted and clear our names from these cheeky b@st*r&$ who are getting away with causing us misery!

This morning didn’t go well either as I had cancelled my annual leave and got ready for work. In the process we noticed our shower is leaking into the ceiling of our new kitchen. We are seriously hacked off with this so now the shower is out of use and we’ve got to get back to having baths. I suppose we’re lucky enough to have a separate shower and bath but all I can see with the shower is more expense.

I was cheered up at work by my friend bringing in her little boy who is 14 weeks old and an absolute angel of a baby. I love to have a munch everytime I see him and he even bought me flowers. He’s a star, totally cheered me up!

So after a crap couple of days, I’ve managed to stay on track (but have used 10 weeklies this evening) and have managed two workouts. One at the gym and one 20 minute Jillian Michael 30 day shred workout. OMG, it’s a killer! Jillian Michael is one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser USA and her dvd has been very popular all over the world. Well following various peeps on twitter and their experiences I bought a copy and started the workout this evening. You start with the beginner level doing a 20 minute workout that combines interval sessions of strength, cardio and abs, all you need is a mat and handheld weights….oh and stamina and then as the days progress, you upgrade the workout to intermediate and then onto advanced. I can’t imagine what she makes you do at advanced level, unless you’re an Olympian, you must be mad to do it! We’ll see if I can walk in the morning and then I might be tempted to do it again after work tomorrow.

I’m extremely excited about having 3 days off next week as it’s half term in the Midlands. I’ve got plans to have lunch with friends, Christmas shopping in Birmingham with hubby, a dentist appointment and possibly a new hair do! Oh, and a MEGA lie in…{sig}

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  • Reply Linz M 21/10/2011 at 3:05 pm

    Oh no, thats crap about the loan – how do these people live with themselves?? Sorry your hospital apt was cancelled – but at least it gives you more time I guess to get even more weight off. You are doing brilliantly!

    We’re having the same problem with our new kitchen too – except it’s our neighbours who appear to be leaking down into us :( so I feel your pain xx

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