#Fuff Week 4..


Weight Wars

Well the gorgeous weather didn’t last and it definitely feels like Autumn now. The heating has been on a few times and I’ve got the recipe books out for soups and casseroles in preparation.

What have you done this week to achieve your goals?
This week I have been so motivated to stick within my points and not touch the weekly allowance. I’ve exercised every day and have managed to avoid the fizzy pop and sweets, opting for no added sugar squash and no added sugar jelly instead. 

What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?
Last Wednesday I went to the gym and did a good hour on all the equipment. I’m totally crap at running as I hate the sensation of my body wobbling when I’m running but I managed to run at a good pace for 2 whole minutes. I know in reality this is rubbish but for me, its actually quite good. I also managed to use the cross trainer for 7 minutes on a higher level than I’ve done before so was really pleased with myself. I earned 18 activity points at the gym so was quite pleased I’d got the activity points in the bag so early in the week.

What is your go to food or activity when you’ve had a bad day?
If I’ve had a bad day the best thing for me to do (for myself and my hubby) is to go to bed. If I’ve had a bad day I tend to be snappy and moody but I’ve managed to combat the emotional eating so I know that when I’m down or have had a crap day at work, I won’t run to the cupboard and eat rubbish. I’ll put the kettle on, have a cup of coffee and give myself ten minutes chill out time.

What’s the last thing you did that you were really proud of?
Erm….I can’t think of anything recently that I’m really proud of aside from my weightloss and it’s associated activities. I’m proud of myself for going to an exercise class. This is one thing that I probably wouldn’t have done before January this year. I can actually go on my own now without anyone I know being there and for me to actually enjoy it too is fab!

Fun Time:  What was your favorite school subject, and your least favorite? Why?
My favourite subject at school was probably French. I really loved learning the language and would actually love to re-learn a lot of it now. I know basic french but I’d love to be able to string a couple of sentences together in actual France and get away with it. My least favourite subject at school was PE. I wasn’t sporty at all at school, hated any form of exercise and hated being picked last in the group activities. I wasn’t skinny at school but I certainly wasn’t massive and I guess I hated the way that we got all hot and sweaty, had a 2 second shower (if at all…gross I know!) and then had to carry on with the rest of the school day in our uniforms. I hated it.

Here’s my positive picture of the week for you all:

Hope you all have had a great week and here’s to #Fuff Week 5 {sig}

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  • Reply Tim 15/10/2011 at 10:00 am

    We used to have PE at school first thing in the morning which was horrible because the showers sometimes never worked and we’d be sat in lessons with mud all down our legs under our uniform. LOL

  • Reply PlumPetals 15/10/2011 at 5:07 pm

    Sounds like you had a really good week in terms of both food and exercise!! :)

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