Cybher 2012 Sponsorship Opportunity


Have you heard about Cybher 2012? I have and it’s going to brilliant!


Cybher is the first female blogging event of its kind taking place in London, UK next May 2012. The event is aimed at bloggers from all walks of life who blog about a massive range of topics including fashion, parenting and healthy living. The day will be packed with influential speakers, network opportunities and a chance for bloggers to meet similar bloggers and online friends from around the country. I would absolutely love the chance to go and therefore I’m looking for a fab company who would like to sponsor me to attend Cybher 2012. In return, I will represent your company and your brand to those at Cybher and other bloggers via my own personal blog.

MrsShilts in a nutshell…
I’m a modern woman in a modern world combining full time work in Education HR with a quest to become a yummy mummy. I’m currently dieting and have lost 54lb to date since January 2011 so spend my time cooking delicious fresh meals, exercising my butt off and spending time with my hubby and our Westie woofer. We’re hoping to start a family in the next couple of years so love interacting with other yummy mummies over on twitter and on their blogs picking up tips, advice and support. I’m also an Aunty to my 3 year old nephew so regularly look after him taking him on days out and buying him new toys. I’ve recently developed a love of clothes and shoes shopping as my clothes size has changed quite a lot. I’m really enjoying seeing my body shape change opening up new opportunities for different styles. I love getting out and about exploring the UK but if the weathers naff I’ll get out the sewing machine and make new things for the home, family or friends. Finally, I love blogging and can honestly say it has helped me change my life….for the better!

The nitty gritty…
– The cost of a blogger pass to Cybher 2012 is £80 (early bird price if purchased before end of November 2011)
– I would need to travel from Birmingham down to London for the event – return train fare to London is approximately £80.
– The cheeky bit…I would also love the opportunity to stay down there for the evening to continue with the socialising and networking opportunities so would need a place to stay for the night. Approximately £75.

What I can MrsShilts offer you?
– A very prominent space on my blog to advertise your business with logo and links
– An introductory post on my blog about your business with logo and relevant links
– Promotional posts on my blog about your business with logo and relevant links throughout 2012.
– Tweets (from @MrsShilts) about the sponsorship and any RT tweets from your company which are relevant to Cybher 2012
– Acting as your representative at Cybher 2012, wearing any branded clothing or badges supplied by you

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please email me at mrsshilts (at) gmail (dot) com and we can discuss this fabulous opportunity. I am very flexible and would love the chance to attend Cybher 2012 {sig}

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  • Reply Linz M 17/10/2011 at 11:58 am

    I’d love to attend this too – but £80 is a tad steep! Let me know how you get on with sponsorship, I might bite the bullet and attend if I know someone else is going :)


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