Week 37 weigh in update


So pleased that weigh in shows I’ve lost 2.5lb since last Tuesday, I am so chuffed with that. So that’s only 1lb to go until I’ve lost my mahoosive holiday gain of 9lb! I’ve got 3.5lb until I fall into the next stone bracket and 1.5lb until I reach the 50lb total loss again. I’m really hoping I can have a fantastic week again and lose another good few pounds but i’m worried now the holiday weight has nearly gone, it’ll be ‘proper’ stubborn fat that i’ll be trying to shift! I’ll give it a damn good go anyway.

Looking to the week ahead, i’m home alone tomorrow night as Hubby is taking up Squash with some of his mates so I might take Mikey for a good walk and then do a 45 minute workout on the Wii. Thursday, my sister can’t make Aquafit so I might not drive the 13 mile to her town and go to Aqua on my own and do something local instead. Might possibly be another wii workout! Friday, I’m catching up with a friend straight from work then will probably take Mikey for a good walk before the night draws in. Over the weekend apart from my usual Sunday trek over the valley, i’m hoping to get some form of exercise in, might drive to the coast or even the Peak District and do something different with my Saturday.

I will at some point be trawling through 3 massive black bin bags of clothes that my Sister has given me. She had a mad clear out and has given me a load of clothes ranging from size 22 to size 16 so will have a good look to see if I can use anything. I do need a smaller pair of jeans so I wonder if she’s got any in there. The daft thing is, the clothes are practically brand new, she’s hardly worn them due to how her weightloss has dramatically changed her body shape. I’m still waiting for that to happen..lol!

Have a good week lovely peeps {sig}

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