Week 36: weigh in update


After a hectic end to last week and a busy weekend I wasn’t expecting much on the scales this evening but I was pleasantly surprised to see a loss of 2.5lb! Go me!

Last Friday I met a friend for dinner at the pub but decided to stick to chicken and bacon salad as I’d stupidly eaten a whole bag of Percy Pig Sweets from M&S on the way home from work (Idiot!) On Saturday, I went to the Clent Hills to help Hubby with the Duke of Edinburgh students final expedition and managed to resist one of his colleagues’s homebaked fruit cakes which looked amazing and I declined a pub lunch and opted for my homemade chicken and pasta salad instead. Don’t worry, my halo didn’t stay shiny for too long as I left the Clent Hills and went onto a family party where I was fairly good (salad and a ham sandwich) until the puddings came in and I had one or four chocolate fingers, profiteroles, a slither of cake and some trifle. Ooops! Sunday, I went for my weekly trek round Sandwell Valley and managed to stay on track  all day because I was so busy getting the housework done and shopping in ready for the week ahead.

I’ve been feeling quite sluggish recently and I think it’s because I’ve been expecting my monthly visit from Mother Nature but I’ve really have been suffering with tiredness. I was hoping it was because of getting back in to the swing of early mornings, busy work days and exercise but two weeks in i’m still not used to it. May have to see what the next few weeks bring and then may have to go and see if it’s related to my thryoid!

So i’m now 4lb off my lowest weight and i’m so flippin’ determined to get into the next stone bracket before the end of September. The week ahead looks fairly quiet (which I love because I need to get seriously organised) so can get loads of exercise in, prepare and eat healthy home cooked meals and hopefully get some of my sewing stuff out again.

Anyways, hope you’ve all had a good week {sig}

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