Week 29: weigh in update


It’s nearly been two weeks since we’ve been without a kitchen and whilst we’re not struggling to eat, i’m getting a bit fed up of microwave meals with salad and veg now. I want to get back in the kitchen and cook from scratch, I want to use the cook books I’ve got sitting on my bookshelf and I want to be able to roast, grill and boil foods! I know i’m being completely impatient as our kitchen is being installed on Monday and it will be completely worth the wait, so please bear with my moaning!

Tonight at weigh-in the scales showed i’d lost 0.5lb. I’m literally crawling to get that 50lb certificate. What it does though, is make me more determined than ever to make sure I get it in the bag next week. Tomorrow my sister can’t make Aquafit and as hubby is out I might take advantage and get the wii zumba on the go. Got lots more exercise planned and have had lots of useful tips and advice from my twitter friends on how to bag that 1lb loss for next week. Did you know caffeine holds onto liquid in the body? I don’t need any extra liquid in my body so might give caffeine the elbow and give it up. I don’t drink much of it but probably could do with drinking more water and sugar free squash.

In other news, my WW leader Debbie has had a couple of meetings taken off her, including my meeting! I’m gutted. Apparently WW are saying she’s not meeting her set targets  (for example, at least £3 spend in the shop per person who attends the meeting!) which I personally think is absolutely rubbish. There’s a dedicated group of members who are all committed to losing weight and want to get to goal so come to meetings regardless but then I guess there are others (I have been one of the others in the past) who aren’t as commited and have other priorities which come before WW. I’ve decided to boycott the class she has been removed from and will move to her Tuesday meetings instead. Just can’t believe WW are more concerned about people spending more money on products than actually seeing weightloss on the scales! Not impressed. {sig}

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  • Reply Seren 04/08/2011 at 8:17 am

    Helloooo! Saw your comment on one of Linz’s posts and popped across to check out your blog and wow! You’re doing so well. Am very inspired, and also love the fact that you do a weekly weigh in report – something I definitely need to start doing to make myself more accountable.

    Hope you hit that 50lb cert soon!


  • Reply Paul 04/08/2011 at 10:43 pm

    Bloody hell thats a disgrace.
    Hope they all follow her to remaining meeting but i doubt it :(

  • Reply Simon 06/08/2011 at 2:19 pm

    The 50’s a really major milestone and I’m sure you’ll blast through it. It does make a difference and not having a functioning kitchen makes things very difficult indeed.

    I’m not surprised about the leader thing, I heard that my old leader had been pressured to leave too.

    Carry on losing and don’t worry, we all with you on that journey.

    Simon xx

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