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It is so easy to go over my daily ProPoints. Take Thursday night for example, I was busy moving all the kitchen stuff back into the kitchen and I got really hungry and we only had frozen crap in so I asked hubby to order a pizza. I had a small farmhouse pizza which was lovely but probably about 30 propoints! Think I must have used about 15 of my weeklies and then in between arranging cups, glasses and cutlery I managed to scoff not one, not two but three crunchies! Dunno what on earth possessed me. Then last night after being saintly at work I decided to stay on track with a ready meal curry whilst hubby had a take away curry with chips which I decided to munch through! So all my good work eating a crappy ready meal was ruined by eating a massive handful or two of chips! Grrrrr so annoying, I’ve pulled it back today with sticking to my points but I just hope that my two days of going over my points won’t affect this weeks forthcoming weigh in too much! Not had the chance to do much exercise this week yet but all the tidying up and cleaning I’ve done hopefully has gone in my favour.

Tonight I was able to cook the first meal in my new kitchen and I loved it! I made Italian spicy chicken with rice and veg. I’ve also planned out the next weeks meals so hubby can go shopping tomorrow and we can eat home cooked meals all week. I have really missed cooking. I hope to bake some low fat cakes this week too! Gonna have a browse on the web shortly and see what takes my eye. Hope you’re all having a fab weekend {sig}

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  • Reply Moonstorm 14/08/2011 at 8:07 am

    I think we’ve all been there – too many points – just done it myself yesterday. Congrats on your first meal in your new kitchen :)

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