Kitchen related excitedness!!


as my new kitchen is being installed today!!

If you’ve been following me on twitter (@mrsshilts) you’ll have seen my whinging tweets about the amount of dust appearing throughout the house, having no water, having to replace the ceiling, the obscene amount of rubble from 3 walls, more dust, etc.

But I can see the light, my kitchen is being installed today and over the next few days and I am so bloody excited. I cannot wait to put everything back in its new home, all clean and tidy.

Here’s a few piccies to show you the progress so far…


The second picture down is my makeshift kitchen. It’s impossible to cook and prepare decent meals so me and hubby have been living off Tesco Light Choices or WW ready meals with a bag of salad or veg!
The last picture is the actual new kitchen (including my new sink and dishwasher) in it’s packaging in my dining room.

But the fantastic news is that the kitchen fitters are in my house as I type doing what they do best!


So excited! {sig}

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  • Reply Seren 09/08/2011 at 12:52 pm

    Ooooh, that is exciting! Be sure and post an “after” photo when it is all finished :)


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