Week 28: weigh in update..


So week 28 has come and gone already, seriously where is the time going? At weigh in this week I’d gained 0.5lb but I’m really ok with that considering my massive loss last week. I’m just 4.5lb away from my 50lb loss certificate and 6lb away from dropping in to the next stone bracket. I soooo want to get that certificate and fall into the next stone. It will be such an achievement for me and I really want it. I’ve set myself a mini challenge; to lose (ideally) 6lb by the end of August. I’ve got the next week off work so am aiming to cram loads of exercise in, take lots of walks with Mikey and I’ve even seen an offer at a local gym (to use their facilities for 10 days for £10) which I am extremely interested in.

As the school holidays are now officially here, we have begun work on our kitchen. Our kitchen desperately needed an overhaul and we’ve been talking about doing it for ages but never actually made physical plans to do it but last half term, I came home to some plans that hubby had drawn up at Ikea and we decided to go for it. The plans did change quite a bit but we have a lovely kitchen with oak cupboards and granite style worktops coming in the next 3 weeks. Today, we have spent the whole day ripping the old kitchen out. All the cupboards have gone, the sink, the old tiles, the floor, it’s all gone. The contents of the kitchen are in my dining room and so dining is going to be quite a challenge. We have access to the kettle, a microwave, a gas burning stove and the fridge so we’ll be able to do the basics. I’m so determined to stay on track despite the kitchen revamp that even this evening once we had tidied up as best we can (dust gets EVERYWHERE!) I made a quick trip to the supermarket for a bag of salad and some fruit because I was craving pizza. I’m pleased to say I had a WW Mexican Chilli meal with a plateful of salad for my dinner (6 Propoints) to curb the craving!

Looking to the week ahead, we’ve got plumbers and electricians coming in, I’m seeing my Godmother on Tuesday which will be fab as I’ve not seen her since my wedding (4 years!) and I’ve got a playdate with my nephew at a softplay centre. The rest of the week I’m dedicating it to exercise, rest and relaxation. I’m not sure those 3 words belong in the same sentence but never mind, i’ll give it a go!

Oh and just a little bit of exciting news, we’ve booked a late deal to Protaras, Cyprus at the end of August and I am soooooooo excited! A new kitchen AND a holiday, I am a very lucky girl! {sig}

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  • Reply Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) 25/07/2011 at 3:51 pm

    Great job! You are an inspiring Weight Watchers success story. :-)

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