Too busy to exercise!


It’s been a mad week since my last blog post. Last Thursday we had Ikea come round to measure up for our new kitchen!!!!! I am so excited about having a new kitchen and new appliances (fridge freezer, cooker hood, kettle, toaster etc) it’s going to be fab! And the best bit, we’re having a dishwasher…I can’t wait! Friday evening we packed up and drove the 4 hours over to Lincolnshire to join my family on their annual holiday to Woodhall Spa. Unfortunately due to Friday night rush hour traffic, suicidal pigeons and idiots who don’t know how to drive around roundabouts we arrived quite late. Luckily, my Dad had saved us some food from the BBQ (Grilled chicken, low fat sausages and bbq’d vegetables) so we were able to eat something relatively healthy. After a short nights sleep (the dog doesn’t settle on the first night in a tent) I got up early (6:45am) and took him for a good walk around the village. Lunch was a small buffet that our good friends had put on for us (I had 2 small pieces of pizza, a ham cob, salad and a piece of chicken) We then spent the rest of the day at the beach in Chapel St Leonards which was beautiful. For dinner, we had fish and chips (I shared a portion of chips with hubby) and had a slice of birthday cake for my Nan’s birthday which was lovely. After tea, we got the fire burning and had toasted marshmallows as the sun set. It was fab!

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end and so Sunday morning we had to pack our tent down (in the baking heat) and drive home. We had planned ahead and ordered a foodshop delivery for the evening so we didn’t have to make sure we were back before the supermarket closed. Excellent planning considering the traffic was really busy again. I hate not having the food for the week ahead planned. It makes me feel all rushed and unorganised. I like to know we have in the ingredients for six or seven meals so I don’t fall off the wagon. I always find if I don’t know what i’m having for tea, I tend to pick the wrong foods and binge eat!

There was no Zumba on Monday night because it was the instructors birthday so she had cancelled in advance but luckily for us, Ikea had sent us through the final plans for our kitchen so we had to go instore and part with a few bob! Tuesday night was spent with the in-laws at a charity do so again no time for any exercise so I really have missed it this week!

Work has been awful too, we were hit with the bombshell that 2 of our team were being tuped over to a different company at the end of August. It was a complete shock, I don’t fully understand it but I know it’s going to mean massive changes for all of us. Very unsettling.

Final piece of news from this week was that I saw the dietician at hospital today and she was really pleased with my weightloss. I’ve lost 14kg since my last visit to her so she’s really pleased with my progress and has signed me off. Woohoo!!!! Hope she sends a glowing report back to the stinky doctor so I can gloat! Lol!

Anyway, Week 26 done, total weightloss 41.5lb..This week is going to be exercise, exercise and exercise! I will get that 50lb certificate before the end of August. I will! Wish me luck {sig}

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