Far too tempted….


by cake, donuts and everything containing sugary fattyness! I went shopping this evening to a well known superstore beginning with the letter T and before I even got into the store I was faced with ‘Special Offer’ Donuts, 5 for just £1. There was a massive choice of flavours too; donuts with custard, donuts with caramel, donuts with jam….you get the picture! So the first hurdle is to get through the entrance without picking up a packet or two (knowing full well I couldn’t just eat one, I’d end up eating the whole packet! Well, they’d go off wouldn’t they and my Mom always told me to finish my plate and think of all the starving kids in Africa…this is probably why I have a weight problem!) So I browse the store for things I might need and somehow walk down the cake aisle. The cake aisle with iced buns in. I pick up a packet of two and then I…put them back on the shelf and walked straight to the clothes section of the store. My stomach was shouting “you want cake, you want iced buns, you really do” but my head was shouting back saying “think of weigh in, you want a loss this week don’t you?”.

I’m glad I walked upstairs to the clothes section as I managed to find a couple of gorgeous tops that are possibilites to wear with my jeans and heels for a family party next weekend and as this I threw a massive pile of clothes out this morning I was getting worried what I could wear. I love the fact I’m losing weight and my old clothes don’t fit me anymore but I’m skint! I’ve got about 5 tops now I can wear for work which are decent but come September when the term starts again, i’m hoping they’re going to be quite roomy (wishful thinking!)

I also had a #NSV (non-scale victory) this morning after trying on my University Ball prom dress which fit me perfectly back in 2005. It is now too big! Woohoo!! That means I am now slightly smaller than I was 6 years ago which is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! I am so chuffed. The feeling of having a #NSV is brilliant, far better than eating any piece of cake I can tell you! {sig}

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  • Reply Love Cat 11/07/2011 at 1:35 pm

    Well done – on so many counts. I love food shopping and especially so when it’s for lovely cakey, sugary things. Picking something up to put it back down is so hard – good on ya.

    I am totally feeling your pain on the clothes not fitting. All my jeans are baggy and look like I’m on day release! I seriously need to buy a new pair but all my tops are too big too! I’m loathe to buy lots of new stuff as I want to keep getting smaller!


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