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I’ve been enjoying the week off work and so far it’s been quite productive. Sunday, I went on my usual walk over Sandwell Valley with Mikey, a couple of friends and their puppy Ollie which was lovely. The weather was gorgeous so it was nice to spend an hour or so out in the countryside enjoying the sun and getting some well needed fresh air. On Monday, I decided to sign up for the 10 days gym access for £10 offer and enjoyed working out for an hour on the equipment. I’ve got 10 days consecutive use and i’ll probably use it again now Friday, over the weekend and next Tuesday so will have used it for 5 days so £2 a session isn’t bad at all. I went to Zumba on Monday evening which was a bit sticky but I really do enjoy it. I’ve decided I don’t have natural rhythm and even though I know most of the routines now I still get a bit muddled up. My brain obviously works quicker than my feet do!

On Tuesday, I drove over to my Mum and Dads house as my Godmother was visiting. My sister and nephew came round too so it was lovely to catch up with her and having a good giggle. I then spent the afternoon with my nephew over the park playing on the slide and then playing with Play-Doh back at my Mums. I love spending time with him so I know having children is definitely what I want in the future. Keeping that thought in the forefront of my mind everyday really does keep me on track.

Coincidentally, this evenings weigh in shows I’ve lost 3lb! I am over the moon with that! That’s 48.5lb in total; 1.5lb to lose before I get that 50lb certificate and 3.5lb to drop into the next stone bracket. Planning my exercise for the week ahead I really hope it’ll help me drop into the next stone bracket but who knows, i’m not counting any chickens just yet because we know what happens when I get my hopes up, my body doesn’t play ball!

Tomorrow i’m hoping to take Mikey out for a long walk to tire him out, he’s been really good whilst we’re having all the work done in the kitchen. He’s sleeping upstairs with us at the moment because of all the dust and he’s been confined to the lounge during the day to keep himself out of mischief. I’ve then got Aquafit in the evening with my Sister who seems to be stumbling with WW at the moment. She’s had a weekend away eating whatever she fancied and got away with only putting on 0.5lb and again tonight at weigh in she’s put another 0.5lb. I know if I ate whatever I fancied I’d be gaining a lot more than that. Hope she pulls it back because it could catch up with her and then she’d be really unhappy!

I’ve got 3 more weigh ins until I go to Cyprus so hope I can achieve the stone bracket challenge I’ve set myself. I’ll do my best to try and get there! {sig}

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