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July 2011

    Clothes, clothes, clothes

    The fab thing about weightloss is obviously the changes happening to my body, the crap thing about weightloss is not having clothes fitting correctly. My clothes size has changed quite a bit over the last 7 months and i’m now wearing clothes 3 times smaller than I was in January. I recently bought a couple of nice tops from Tesco and I’ve bought a couple of pairs of jeans from Matalan but i’m loathed to spend a fortune on clothes that hopefully in 2 months time will be too big for me. I recently got my holiday suitcase down from the loft in preparation for our Cyprus holiday at the end of August and inside were my tankinis and other holiday essentials that I last wore abroad in Tunisia back in 2008. Since 2008, I’ve lost 5 stone so they are massive on me. Can I get a new tankini at the end of July? Can I heck! All the sales started early July when we hadn’t even thought about going abroad this year and having looked online and in several shops there is nothing out there suitable except strappy bikini bra tops available in sizes 22/24 which in my own opinion should never be an option!! Imagine my delight when I spotted a blue and one stripey swimsuit with red dotty straps in Boots in the size I thought would fit me?! I nearly wet myself, it was a gorgeous swimming cossie so I bought it, got it home, tried it on and nearly cried. It was too small. Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with a toned back so extra love handles which are extremely unsightly especially in a swimsuit with a low back. Gutted! I’ve managed to purchase a tankini from Sainsburys in the sale which had mix and match top and bottoms so this years swimming attire will be navy blue and navy blue!

    I have however bought some new clothes for my holidays and include a pair of denim shorts, a pair of smart shorts, a pair of black cropped linen trousers and a maxi dress! I don’t do dresses very often so hope I can pull it off ok! I’ve also bought a new pair of wedges and some vest tops so I’m hoping I can pull together a nice holiday warbrobe which will show off my new figure better rather than wearing shapeless baggy clothes which make me look larger than I am.

    Just don’t ask me what I’m going to wear when the schools go back in September and I have to wear ‘smart office’ attire to work! Help!

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