What a day…off!


Due to it being half term, I was able to book a days annual leave today to get a few things done round the house that we have been meaning to do but just haven’t got round to it. First on my list was a car service and mot, followed by cleaning up the garden (seriously..where have all the weeds come from?) and emptying out the outhouse and making a well deserved trip to the tip. We had collected about 15 bottles of wine over the last few years, mostly given as gifts by people who don’t know we don’t drink it and they had all gone a bit off. So we emptied them down the drain and took the bottles for recycling. We also managed to get rid of the old tumble dryer that we replaced a couple of years ago by sticking it out the front of our house and only an hour later we had a knock on the door from the scrap man. Hoorah! Goodbye tumble dryer.

I took advantage of the fantastic weather and scrubbed down the patio set so it’s all lovely and clean for another beautiful days weather soaking up the sun in the garden.  It was so warm out there today I definitely had a sweat on. After a low fat Subway for lunch (hubbys treat) we walked Mikey to the vets for his annual boosters and check up. I’ve also managed to sort through and try on the clothes my sister was giving away. Most of them are 2 or 3 sizes smaller than I would have bought but imagine my delight when I pulled on a pair of blue cropped jeans another size smaller than I would usually buy. I was well pleased!

After my depressing post on Wednesday evening, I’ve took on the advice of fabulous WeightWatcher Stacey aka Soupdragon (who has lost over 100lbs!!) and decided to eat more for breakfast and lunch and eat a smaller dinner. Today for breakfast, I ate a WW bagel and low fat cream cheese followed by fruit cocktail and a WW yoghurt. For lunch, I had a low fat ham and salad subway with a packet of french fries and for dinner, we had grilled chicken salad. I definately felt fuller after breakfast but then I was too busy to think about food. I’m hoping having more carbs earlier in the day will help me. I really hope so. I just want to get in to the next stone bracket and get this weight shifted. I’m also thinking about going to Aquafit to try something different. Deb, my WW leader thinks my slow weightloss maybe linked to doing all the exercise and that a big weightloss is just around the corner. I really hope so!

I’ve completed the day with a 45 minute intermediate workout on the wii doing Zumba. I actually timed it and its 51 minutes in all so that’s a good work out to end a fun packed day.

Tomorrow we’re planning on going for a day trip somewhere to take advantage of the forecasted good weather perhaps the Peak District where hubby and I have fond memories of previous Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.

Whatever you are all doing, have a fab weekend {sig}

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