Too hard on myself..


I’ve decided…I’m far too hard on myself. I’m a helper now at my WW meeting so was able to jump on the scales before my ‘official’ weigh in and the scales had said I’d lost 1lb. Well, considering how much exercise I’ve done and how well I’ve stuck to the plan with tracking, weighing and measuring I wasn’t happy with that. I knew I’d drunk a lot of water through the day so asked to come back later and re-weigh myself once I’d been for a quick wee. Well an hour later, I jumped on the scales for my official weigh in and had lost another half a pound so in total this week I’d lost 1.5lb. I wasn’t happy with that at all! I know it’s a loss and as some people keep saying ‘at least you haven’t put on’, well if I had put on this week I’d be majorly annoyed considering I was doing everything right. My sister and husband had a bit of a rant at me reminding me that I’d still lost and that I was doing everything right for my future. I’m probably at my most healthiest right now, I’m lighter now than I have been for that last 5 years and I’m doing more exercise than I can ever remember doing. I’m just worried that if I don’t keep focused and so determined with my exercise and staying on track I’m not going to reach my October goal. I need to lose another 2 stone by October so have 29.5lb to go. Don’t get me wrong I need to lose more than that overall but really just want to walk in to that hospital appointment gloating that I’ve lost the weight that the Doctor didn’t think I could lose.

I’ve got 17 weeks until my appointment so I’m hoping that I can average at least 2lb off per week to keep the weight loss going. I know I’m probably putting too much pressure on myself to reach the October goal but in my opinion, you need a goal to strive for and that’s definitely what I’m going to do. 

So far this week I’ve done Aquafit with my sister which is a good laugh, tonight I’m off for a walk over Sandwell Valley with my new WW buddy Amy , tomorrow I’m meeting hubby and his DofE students over Cannock Chase somewhere so will walk a bit then too. Sunday is the big race, I’m taking part in the 5k Race for Life so if you would like to sponsor me I’d be eternally grateful it’s supposed to be a lovely day weather wise so it might actually be a hot one. On Monday, I’m off to see the boys, Take That are in town and playing at Villa Park. I’m so excited to see them again, the concert is said to be brilliant but they always put on quite a show so I’m really looking forward to that. Tuesday will be the come down after the night before and because I’ll be missing Monday nights Zumba I’m planning on a marathon session on the wii to make up for it. Who knows, it might help the weight loss, it might not!

On another note I’d like to congratulate my sister for her massive 4.5lb loss this week, she’s lost just over 2 stone now so well done Sid, proud of you!

Have a good weekend everyone {sig}

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  • Reply Paul Fat4Now 24/06/2011 at 12:11 pm

    You have done amazing. Just remember slowly slowly wins the race. Dont push yourself too hard or be too harsh, Be proud and positive of your achievements as youre a bloody inspiration me dear x

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