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Gutted. I lost 0.5lb again this week. This is the third week that I’ve lost 0.5lb. It is so depressing. I’m eating within my points, i’m exercising and drinking lots of water but still no fantastic weightloss. Having a bit of a downer tonight because before weigh in I went to the doctors who confirmed I have multiple gallstones and they would like to refer me for surgery. I don’t think so! I’ve asked not to be referred until (and if) the gallstones give me more grief. My main reasons for this is that I’ve got enough going on with my health at the moment and I can’t mentally cope with having anything else going wrong (oh, and the thought of being put to sleep and cut open scares me silly!) I guess also being told that the pill and gallstones aren’t a good combination and can make my liver malfunction is quite thought provoking. I’m trying so hard to lose this weight for our future but i’m just scared that I’m going to fail..

Feeling rather emotional tonight. Think i’ve had enough of pills for this and pills for that. But you know what I won’t be beaten and i’m going to carry on and try something new and get this weightloss going again. Sorry for the depressing post, normal service will be resumed soon {sig}

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  • Reply stephbospoon 01/06/2011 at 10:06 pm

    Hi! Just thought I’d say that I had my gall bladder removed beginning of this year; yes it hurt afterwards but I was up and about after surgery + back at work two weeks later, feeling better than I have in years! I didn’t have stones but I did get an infection in my gallbladder, antibiotics didn’t work and I got rushed into hospital on my birthday! It was absolute agony. They can’t take it out when there’s infection there so I had to wait till the infection cleared and various tests were done, which took about 12 months! I don’t want to scare you but having the gallbladder out was the right choice for me. My gp said that dietung makes gallstones worse so I was banned from dieting until it was taken out.

  • Reply Sarah 02/06/2011 at 8:23 pm

    Hey Mrs Shilts, sorry you’re feeling disheartened, I can imagine why you might be down about it but I still think you’re doing terrifically well and half a pound in the right direction is still something! I’m still a newbie with the diet & pp plan but just had to add a few points after reading your post.
    Firstly, have you thought that you might be putting on muscle? It weighs 4 x more than fat and Zumba could be strengthening your arms and legs in particular, – two large muscle areas.
    Secondly, have you tried interval training? There’s lots of great research out there that has shown that 10 mins 3 x per day of intense excercise burns significantly more fat than 30 mins more moderate, sustained activity. I’m really into this as I have a fold-up treadmill in the sewing room and do run-walk routines that really do work and improve fitness quickly (I go through phases of motivation though!). If you don’t want to use a treadmill the Hannah Waterman DVD is great as it also uses the interval training technique and really does burn fat. It might be worth trying a different type of excercise.
    Thirdly I also wanted to say how much I feel for you re: the gallstones and operation fear. I had to have my first op 3 years ago and was so terrified I had panic attacks and couldn’t sleep for days beforehand! I just wanted to reassure you that despite major fears it was absolutely fine. In fact it was amazing how you go to sleep and it seems like minutes later you wake up fixed, you’re not aware of the middle part at all. It totally cured my fear and had a follow up op last year without any worry at all (quite looked forward to the break and the pampering actually ;) ).
    Anyway I hope you’ve picked up a little and won’t be beaten, you’re still doing great!
    Sarah xx

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