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June 2011

    Another stone to add to the collection..

    I am soooo happy. I lost 1.5lb this week taking my total loss to 42lb (3 stone). Really pleased that I’ve managed to lose the 1.5lb that I wanted to get that 3 stone so I can put it behind me and tackle to next 2. I’ve got my dietician appointment next week so hopefully can show her how much i’m committed to losing the weight and she’ll be able to tell the doctor where to shove his ‘she won’t lose the weight’ attitude.

    It’s been a crazy couple of days, I saw Take That on Monday at Villa Park and they were absolutely fantastic. I’m still not 100% keen on Robbie rejoining as I think their music has changed since he came back and its ‘not the same’ in my opinion but all in all I had a fantastic evening and I’m so glad I was able to go and see them on the Progress Live Tour. Tomorrow we have Ikea coming to measure up our kitchen and I can’t wait to rip the old manky one out and have a lovely brand new shiny kitchen. It’ll make our house much more ‘ours’ and will hopefully add a bit of value which will help in the future. Friday we’re off to Lincolnshire to join my family for a camping weeking. I’m so looking forward to it. I love our camping weekends away, good quality family time hopefully with some sunshine and plenty of time at the beach.

    Hope you all have good weigh ins and have fabulous weekends {sig}

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