Woo Woo and a curry..


Friday night I was invited out by some friends who I have got to know over the last 5 months at WW and Zumba. It was one of the ladies birthdays and as we all live quite local she suggested a few drinks followed by something to eat. Well if anyone knows Wednesbury, it’s not short of one or five curry houses so we ended up having a few drinks (8 jugs of Woo Woo cocktails) between 5 of us (oooops…but they were soooo nice!) and a vegetable curry followed by a curry house disco (don’t ask!) . I had been good all day so had the points (for the curry) and wrote off the Woo Woos in the my weekly allowance. Since then i’ve been really good to make sure i’m within my points and I’ve done exercise every day to try and counteract the booze! Zumba tonight was a good laugh, at some point I completely confused myself and ended up facing the rest of the group washing the windows (think arms in circle movements at a face pace!!). Ah well, we’ll see how weigh in goes on Wednesday.

Today I’ve been and had my scan at the hospital following my painful trip to Dublin and the doc diagnosed Gallstones. Apparently from what he can see is that there were stones there and i’ve still got a few left in my gallbladder so I’m not sure what course of action the doc is going to recommend. They aren’t really giving me much grief at the moment so I’m happy to leave them where they are. I really don’t want an operation as I hate hospitals and the thought of being cut open makes me feel extremely queasy. Fingers crossed it won’t come to that.

I’ve updated my photo on the right of the page, this was taken just before I went out on Friday and I really like it. My friends have said they can really tell a difference in my face now which is such a brilliant feeling. Definitely spurs me on to keep at it, can’t imagine what I’m going to look if I double my current weight loss. Hopefully just a slimmer, smilier me… {sig}

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