Weightloss Wednesday…Week 20


So week 20 and i’ve lost 0.5lb. I know a loss is a loss but i’m still not impressed. I really thought after doing 2 sessions of Zumba this week already and sweating like a pig on both occasions it would have been more. Oh well, here’s to next week, i’m determined to get more than a measly 0.5lb loss. But in total, i’ve lost 35lb so that’s pretty good going. 7lb to go until I get to my 3 stone loss and I really want that before I go on my family camping weekend at the end of June and I bloody hope I’m going to get it, if not more!

I think I might need to shake things up a bit on the food front. We seem to be eating the same foods week in week out and i’m not sure if thats helping with my weightloss. I seem to struggle a bit with lunches as I have to take a lunch in but each night I seem to be stuck of what to take in. Today I had a ham salad (2pp) with a cup of soup (4pp) but I didn’t enjoy it very much. Not sure what i’m going to have tomorrow, could take in 2 pieces of warburtons bread for toast (6pp) and a tin of chopped tomatoes (0pp) as that’s pretty easy to do. I’m a bit bored of salads now so i’d welcome any ideas of what to have for lunch.

Looking to the week ahead (Thurs-Weds) I’m meeting my friend tomorrow night for a drink, it’ll be a diet coke night as she’s expecting and i’ll be driving. Friday i’m planning on walking the dog and an hours Zumba. Saturday, we have tickets to Twickenham for the Aviva Premiership Final which I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been to a rugby match before let alone a rugby final so it should be a fantastic day. Sunday, I’ll be walking round Sandwell Valley again with the WW group and i’m hoping to get some Zumba in there too! No plans for the bank holiday Monday as yet but i’m sure it’ll involve some sort of exercise with Mikey as Zumba is cancelled. Just hoping it will all lead to a good weightloss for week 21. {sig}  

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