I heart routine..


Back to normal, back to exercising regularly, back to eating normal food, back to losing weight? Well, I hope that’s whats going to happen. It’s official. I love being in my normal routine.

This weekend I braved the rain (what is it with this weird weather…rain / hail / storms / sunshine?) and took Mikey out for a couple of brisk walks. We managed 7 miles in about 2 and a half hours in all and I love it. Apart from the cows in Sutton Park who kept looking at me (or Mikey) as if to say “erm, excuse me this is our patch, do one?” We swiftly walked over the boggy grassy bit to avoid the cows. Went to Zumba last night and i’ve missed it. I really enjoy it. We were in the small dance studio last night and it was so warm. Definately had a sweat on so hopefully that will aid this weeks weight loss. I’ve also purchased the Zumba game for the wii so will hopefully be able to try that out over the weekend.

Tuesday night prediction for Weigh in Week 18: 2.5lb? Fingers crossed {sig}

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