Bank Holiday Blues..


We’ve been spoilt with another bank holiday and I think my body has had enough. It needs routine, it needs regular exercise (I’m missing Monday hoo!) it needs to get back to normal! Weigh in showed I’d gained 1lb this week. I’m not impressed but I’ve had a few treats which although they have been pointed they obviously haven’t done me any favours. Back on track, back to weighing out food, tracking and not using bonus weekly points…

Tomorrow is my nephews 3rd birthday so we’ll be going over after work to give him his pressies and I’ve heard a rumour that they’ll be ordering in chinese. My thoughts on this are that as long as I have something relatively low in points and I have the daily points to account for it then why not? I prefer to use my daily points on actual meals rather than having so many points left over at the end of dinner to use on something not overly healthy i.e chocolate!

I’m planning on really getting back into gear with my exercise. Saturday i’m taking the woofer over Sutton Park and taking my recently kitted out daysack so I don’t have to venture back to the car for poo bags/water/plasters/tissues etc. Sunday I will be going on my regular walk over Sandwell Valley to clock up the miles and Monday, Zumba will finally be back on. Oh I’ve missed it. I’m seriously thinking about buying the Zumba for the wii but whilst the weather is so nice, i’d rather get out there with woofer and enjoy it.

On a completely different note, I’d like to thank Jayne over at jbskitchen for my stylish blogger award. I’m very grateful as my blog is my way of waffling and getting all my thoughts out so if I inspire anyone along the way that’s amazing! I’ll write up my post up over the weekend and award my favourite bloggers with their awards.

 So week seventeen:2011 done: total loss 31lb, in my eighteenth week exercise is back on the agenda in a big way!  I’ve got to lose this gained 1lb and at least another 2lb!

Have a good week everyone {sig}

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