Post Easter Weigh In…


Went to post easter weigh in tonight and I lost 2lb! Fantastic! So chuffed with that. I’ve gorged on a Cadbury’s chocolate easter egg this evening that I had saved from the weekend and it was delish. But i’m back on track now and as of tomorrow I’ll be forgetting Easter and ploughing forward to next weeks loss! I’ve even bought a skipping rope from class and i’ll be trying that out in the garden to up my exercise levels now i’m feeling better.

How am I enjoying the 3 day working week? Oh yes, far too much I can tell you! This weekend I’ve planned a mini spring clean (far too much crap around my house for my liking!) hopefully my Sunkissed fabric will arrive and I can continue on with my gorgeous Sunkissed patchwork quilt and I’m planning on walking the hind legs off the woofer as I need to get back into the swing of doing more exercise on a very regular basis and i’m sure he’s not going to complain.

So week sixteen:2011 done: total loss 32lb, in my sevententh week I’m going to up the exercise, drink more water and get out more again with Mikey. I’m missing Zumba too as with all these bank holidays it’s been cancelled so hopefully when the holidays are over i’ll be Zumba-ing again! Might try a new class too as I’ve discovered a lady who I work with at one of my client schools is a fitness instructor. I would never have guessed that but as I know her I might try it.

Have a good week everyone {sig}

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