On the road to recovery..


Weigh in last night showed that I’d stayed the same. Not suprising as I had lost 6.5lb last week so I guess my body is adjusting now. I’m eating properly again now which is great because I really suffered with such a lack of energy it was exhausting, coupled with not sleeping well (got back ache from holding myself up at such a funny angle whilst I was ill hasn’t helped at all!) and I was good for absolutely nothing.

Hubby and I went to Bingo on Saturday night as he had a couple of free game tickets that came through for his birthday so we took advantage. Didn’t win anything on the actual bingo but hubby won £50 on the table game so he was well chuffed.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying a couple of films and taking it easy. Don’t often get time to lounge in bed but I certainly needed it so was able to do it guilt-free.

This week I’ve only been at work for 4 days as it’s a Bank Holiday (Good Friday) tomorrow, next week i’m working 3 days as we’ve got another 2 bank holidays (Easter Monday and the Royal Wedding) and the following week I’m only working 4 days again due to May Bank Holiday. Lots of lovely time off to hopefully get back into sewing and quilting. I haven’t done any for ages as I’ve been too knackered to get all my stuff out. The worst thing about sewing when you’re tired is that you make silly mistakes that you probably wouldn’t do normally. I hate making mistakes!

So 4 days off to look forward to and we’ve got absolutely gorgeous weather at the moment. Highest its been for a long time (about 21 degrees) so am planning on getting back out there and getting my full intake of Vitamin B and tiring Mikey out on long leisurely walks over Sutton Park and Sandwell Valley. Zumba has been cancelled on a Thursday so need to find something else to do or find a different class because as I’ve said before exercise is key.

Hope you all have a wonderful long bank holiday weekend and you’re safe in the sun {sig}

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