Fab Easter weekend..


It’s been a great Easter holiday weekend, been able to chill, sew, catch up with family and eat! Oh boy, have I got my appetite back! We were invited to a family lunch on Sunday (which was 3 courses!!) and my Mum had already invited us to hers for a family supper (another Sunday dinner!) so no Easter eggs were eaten on Sunday. I tried to be good with the food I had meat and veg, no potatoes and had the fruit to start. Unfortunately I was won over by the toffee pavlova but hey, a girls gotta have a treat hasn’t she?

Today we drove up to West Kirby in the Wirral to go to our favourite beach. It’s gorgeous up there. We walked on the beach to 3 little islands which are exposed when the tide is out and it’s a good 4.5 mile walk. 10 lovely activity points totalled up there. Stupidly, I was only wearing my white pumps which were totally inappropriate footwear for a muddy beach and on our way back from the last island, I slipped on some nasty seaweed and slid down a rock! Luckily, I got a soft landing (thighs!) but managed to scrap my neck on the rock along with my hand and I seem to have pulled the muscles in my arms from saving myself. I was still am so embarrassed. Typically, I fell in front of a family of what seemed like 100 who didn’t laugh too much! Ah well, takes my mind off my other ailments eh? lol!


Back to work tomorrow for 3 days then we have the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday. My Mum made a personalised cross stitch cushion and card for Prince William and Kate Middleton to commemorate their wedding and she got a lovely letter back from Buckingham Palace on Saturday thanking her for her gift. She was so made up, i’m so pleased she got an acknowledgement (albeit from the Prince’s PR lady).

Hoping weigh in is a good one this week. I’ve been totally spurred on by a couple of things this weekend; firstly, I tried on a dress that I wore for my cousins wedding back in 2009 and it is TOO BIG! Wahoooooo! and secondly, I got some lovely comments on facebook from a few friends who I haven’t seen for ages on a recent photo I took of me. So i’m totally inspired to leave the choccies alone on the shelf in the kitchen and keep on track. {sig}

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