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Hubby’s birthday party at the weekend was a great success, we all had a lovely time and he absolutely loved his cake made secretly for him by his cousin Michelle. The cake was amazing and the characters were so detailed. Can you believe this is only her 3rd cake? She’s so talented, thank you Michelle.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful here in the Midlands so we took advantage of the good weather and went for my usual trek over Sandwell Valley. My sister and my nephew came along too and boy was it hot! We were sweating loads by the time we finished two circuits, especially as my sister had bought along the pushchair which she asked me to push up the hills (as I was used to them!)

Unfortunately, Sunday evening wasn’t too great as I felt quite unwell with a bloated tummy and sharp stabbing pain high up in my stomach, I thought it was nerves about the thought of flying so went to sleep hoping i’d be better in the morning. Well 4am came sooner than I had hoped and I still felt really unwell but wasn’t going to let it ruin our trip to Ireland. I will blog about our trip to Ireland in the next post. Anyway to cut a boring story short, I went to see the GP yesterday as I still was feeling rather unwell and had a crippling pain to the top right of my stomach. GP reckons I could have gallstones or the remainder of a stomach bug which hasn’t been able to get out of my body (yuck!) so I now have more drugs to give me a break from the pain and to try and rid my gallbladder of any infection and today I have been to the hospital for blood tests. I’m also off for a scan at some point to see if I do have lovely little gallstones giving me grief.

As the good ole saying says “Every cloud has a silver lining” and that is so true as with all the pain i’m in I haven’t been able to eat much at all. I went to a different weigh in class last night as I still want to stay on track with WW (although i’m struggling to eat) and was delighted to see that I’d lost 6.5lb. I’ve now lost 30lb and reached my 2 stone loss mini-milestone. I’ve also reached my 10% weightloss mini-milestone too and got my 10% keyring so although I was in pain this week it’s certainly helped my weightloss. 

So I’m taking each day as it comes food wise. Today i’ve managed a bowl of rice crispies and half a piece of toast and at lunchtime hubby bought in a cornish pasty which I managed to eat half of. I’m drinking loads of water and trying to eat what I can when I feel up to it. I still want to keep on track so I will be keeping an eye on what I eat so I don’t over do my points but all I want really is to feel better. Please keep your fingers crossed that it’s just an infection and I won’t need any surgery. {sig}

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  • Reply flutter 16/04/2011 at 12:01 am


    Oh very well done to you *wolf whistles*… Such congrats and deep joy from me that you have got your 10%… That goal is such a knicker twister isn’t it.. I loved reaching that, i felt there was no stopping me.. Congrats honeyxxx

    ooo Poo on the Poo bug! Let’s hope it’s just that and nothing more..

    Loving the cakey!! Happy belated Birthday Mr S. x

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