Too ambitious!


I lost 2lb this week so I am pleased but i’ve worked hard for that 2lb loss and would of hoped for a bit more. I’ve become to realise that I am far too ambitious for my own good because I lose a lb, I want 2lb; I lose 2lb I want 3lb! Personally I think it’s because in my head I know that I need to lose at least 2lb per week for the next 7 months to be at my initial goal for the GP so when I don’t  get more than 2lb I think I’ve failed. I’m far too critical of myself.

Anyway, I’m being brave and going to Zumba tomorrow night with some ladies off the WW group on Facebook. Our leader runs about 6 classes in the local area and has created a group on there which all her members are invited to join and share their ideas, thoughts, losses and gains. I put a message up about wanting to go to Zumba and a couple of ladies on there told me about a class and invited me to go along with them. So i’m off there tomorrow. Very excited but quite nervous too!

So week ten:2011 done: total loss 18lb, in my eleventh week I’m continuing to do my exercise. I’m trying an hour of Zumba tomorrow and I’ve got a good couple of long walks planned in for the weekend so hoping more weight will come off this week. Going to increase my fruit and veg intake too and get drinking that fluid! Really want to lose these next 10lb in 4 weeks…can I do it? We’ll see..

Hope you’ve all had a good weigh-in and here’s to week eleven:2011! {sig}

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  • Reply Mandy 16/03/2011 at 9:51 pm

    Go you babe! Hope you love Zumba.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, really appreciate your support. Xxx

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