These feet were made for walking…


and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I gave myself a right kick up the jacksy on Wednesday night and have made a real effort to get myself moving. Thursday night hubby and I went over to Sutton Park to have a look around the route we were walking with the DofE kids today and we managed to get in 2.5 miles in before our car would have been locked in the car park! Friday night I took Mikey out over the local park and even attempted to raise my heartbeat my running round the tennis court before power walking around the park (I must have looked hilarious but oh well, needs must!)

Today we got up early (8am is early for us on a Saturday) and headed over to Sutton Park again for the DofE practice walk. It was brilliant watching all the kids rock up in their jeans and leggings. Some of the girls had faces full of make up and wore totally inappropriate footwear (ballet pumps and Ugg boots) but oh well, they’ll live and learn. For their expedition they’ll need to walk 15 miles over 2 days navigating themselves around the Snowdonian peaks; don’t think some of them will make it there! We walked 3.25 mile in just over an hour and it was absolutely brilliant. It was lovely to see the Park being used so well. I’m definately going to make more of an effort to go there for a walk with Mikey. He loved it! The weather was great; dry but cold. I had far too many layers on but was toasty warm.

All the groups made it back, except one group of lads who decided they were ‘too good’ for the map and decided to follow their nose. They got completely lost and had to be rescued by another member of staff after a phone call to hubby. Oooops! Lets hope all this walking helps the weightloss for next weeks weigh in…It best do or I will be severly peed off!

The best bit though was seeing how knackered Mikey was on the way home….bless!


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  • Reply Mandy 08/03/2011 at 9:26 pm

    Hey hey!
    Sounds like you’re doing great Hun, you need to kick me!

    I use Runkeeper, great app. Records walking, jogging and you can input machines too. X

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