Must try harder….


Gutted… scales showed tonight at weigh in that i’d put on 2lb!

Have eliminated all possibilities and have come up with it being the week before time of the month and I’ve not done enough exercise this week at all! Out of 7 days I’ve only done 1 session of 30 mins exercise walking with the dog in which I burnt off a measly 111 calories. Not impressed with myself at all for the pants effort at exercise this week so MUST TRY HARDER!

On the positive side, I had my second dietician’s appointment today. She is pleased with my weightloss and we have scheduled in another appointment in June before she can sign me off and report back to the Gynae. I also got weighed and for the first time in ages I felt comfortable weighing in front of a complete stranger. Don’t get me wrong I’m still horrified at how much I weigh but its almost as if i’ve accepted it, told myself I’m dealing with it and it’s ok. It’s such a wierd feeling because I know I’m doing ok at the weightloss but I do feel guilty that I should be doing more (I’m thinking exercise like they do on The Biggest Loser as they regularly lose 4lb+ each week but to be honest I’d be seriously knackered and wouldn’t have any time for my sewing which is definately keeping me sane at the moment.

We’ve got quite a bit of walking planned in the next few days, hubby’s involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme at school and this weekend is the first of their planned walking sessions. We’re going over Sutton Park for a few hours and doing the orienteering course with them so thats a good couple of hours walking. Also, the WW group are getting together with a walking group over Sandwell Valley so am planning joining in with that too.

So week eight:2011 done: total loss 12lb, in my ninth week I’m definitely getting outdoors come wind, rain or shine! Need to shift at least 4lb for next week to stay on track and I’m going to try my flipping hardest to do it. Hope you’ve all had a good weigh-in and here’s to week nine:2011! {sig}

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