Walking for weightloss..


I am really getting into the exercise this week. Both Thursday and Friday evenings after work I’ve done at least an hour on the Wii dancing my derrier into action. It’s actually quite fun and I do get really hot and sweaty so I guess that’s a good thing.

Today we decided to take the dog on a long, muddy walk over Sandwell Valley Country Park. It’s only a ten minute car journey away and we roughly know the area so we got wrapped up and headed down to the Park.

I’ve also been using a brilliant app for my iphone which tracks where you walk and gives you all the stats like how far you’ve been walking, for how long and elevations etc. It’s really good.

Today we walked for just over an hour and we managed to walk 2.47 miles. Stupidly we did walk around Swan Pool and off the beaten track so we got really muddy (our little White Westie came home with orangey coloured muddy paws along with an orange underside and mouth!) it was lovely and windy but not very cold so we were ok. Luckily even though it looked like it was going to rain it didn’t so we were quite dry.

We all really enjoyed getting outside and hopefully with the weather improving in the next few months we’ll be able to do it a lot more often. Me and hubby would love to get out and about in the Peak District and I’m sure the dog would absolutely love it so there’s lots of plans to be made for walking for weightloss. {sig}

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