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I sliced the end of my finger this evening with my rotary blade. My initial thought was ‘ohh that hurt I wonder if I just grazed it or actually cut it’ and then I saw the blood. Eugh! I don’t do blood even if it’s my own. Ten minutes later and a temporary cotton wool pad and plaster tape effort later I’m back at the dining room table cutting the selvedges away from my jelly roll.

I’ve started quilt no.2 this evening which is the aforementioned Sunkissed jelly roll in the form of the Random Reflections quilt by KarriLyne. Go check out her stuff, she’s brilliant.  I’m really looking forward to making this quilt and will try not to make the same mistakes as I made in the Nostalgia quilt. I’m also hoping it won’t take me as long as my last quilt either. But now i’ve found this passion for quilting I don’t think i’m going to be stopped!

We have our nephew staying over this weekend. My sister and her hubby are finally decorating their bedroom… five years after moving in to their home (we’ve all been there!) so the little man is staying with us. So far so good. As I type he’s tucked up in his toddler bed with Uncle Sam (Fret not….its a plush Fireman Sam who he insists calling Uncle!) Tomorrow we’re hoping to take Mikey for a long walk with a bag full of stale bread to feed the ducks. Just hope the weather is nice to us.

So have a lovely weekend, stay safe and i’ll be no doubt posting more WIP piccies soon…. x

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  • Reply flutter 28/02/2011 at 7:27 pm

    Howdy Mrs Shilts. This is my first visit to your blog and I have added you to my RSS feed. I love your first quilt you did it was very inspiring and totally awesome for your first attempt. But seriously I should warn you it’s so addictive lol. Not only is the fabric totally additictive but making the quilts.

    I also must congratulate you on your weightloss. I myself have been struggling for years and years. This year I joined WW again *sigh* but I have also given up smoking. You have inspired me to get my bum back on track. Thank you x

    Anyhooo I will be watching out for your next post x

    • Reply mrsshilts 28/02/2011 at 7:41 pm

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I am loving quilting at the moment, problem is I don’t have enough time or money for the fabric that I have been eyeing up but have plenty of ideas of what to do with it! Good luck with the weightloss, it’s not easy but it will be worth it :) x

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