Not had one of these before but I’ve been awarded / tagged/ given a Memetastic Award by Whiskey for Aftershave! According to his post, I need to write 5 things about me that you don’t already know….. of which 4 must be lies. Well, usually i’m more transparent than a piece of tracing paper but in the name of fun, here we go.

Can you guess which one is actually true?

1) I used to date a semi-pro footballer
2) I studied Leisure & Tourism at University but have only ever visited 9 countries in my whole life!
3) My not-so secret pleasure is listening to FiveStar
4) I was once an extra on a very popular Liquid Soap advert
5) I have a 3 dart average of 89.35 – my hubby is very proud!

I need to pass the award onto 5 bloggers to do the same so here are my choices;

1) Bryherhill
2) Happy Elastic
3) Tara at Sticky Fingers
4) Snafflesmummy
5) WorkingMumontheverge

I’d love to hear which ones you think are porky pies ?
Looking forward to reading yours!

Have fun {sig}

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