Signed up…again!


I mentioned at the weekend that I took the plunge and signed back up to WeightWatchers. Tonight was my first meeting. I stood on the scales and got weighed. It wasn’t pretty but I’m pleased I’ve done it and the horrible weight has been logged in my tracker ready for the coming weeks. I’m really pleased my sister was able to make it over too, she has wanted to sign back up for a while and since viewing video footage of her back fat wobbling (her words, not mine!) from the weekend she decided to join me. The leader seems really nice, very bubbly and approachable which is great as I did struggle with the last leader I had, she was a bit stand-offish!

These are the goodies i’ve bought for myself tonight, it’s a selection box of all the WW goodies so you can try the bars before commiting yourself to buying a box of them.

So, my weight as of today (5th January 2011) is **:10lb (well i’m not going to put the actual amount on here am i?) and i’m hoping to lose at least 4 stone by October. I get a daily allowance of 45 ProPoints and an extra weekly allowance of 49 ProPoints which I can use as a binge treat at the weekend or to make up for the days when I may accidently go over! I’m actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of it as it was successful last time I just let myself down by slipping up!

Wish me luck {sig}

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