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I am so excited about my quilting adventures…I’ve really enjoyed the whole process of making my Nostalgia quilt (nearly finished!) so i’ve been planning my next one to use all my lovely new fabrics. It is so easy to get addicted to buying fabric. I love them all and I want them all. I just wish the prices here in the UK were cheaper like those in the US. We also don’t seem to get the same designer fabrics in stock as quick as those in America. The fabric ranges available over there are just gorgeous.  

Anyway, I came across the Quilting Gallery a while back and loved it. On the site, there are loads of swaps to get involved in with literally hundres of swappers from around the world taking part. I thought “Why not” and sent in my details. This month is the Mug Rug Swap. I need to make 2 Mug Rugs to send to a secret swapper who may live in the UK or if i’m lucky enough, abroad or even the US. I’d love to make some bloggy friends over there. The swap is secret so I can’t tell you who I got but I will be showing you my progress as I make them. I’m really hoping I get sent a good swap, I havent been very successful in receiving swaps just lately!

Do you take part in any swaps? What kind of things have you swapped? I’d love to hear from you {sig}

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