A loss is a loss but….


I’m still not completely happy! I lost 2lb this week at WW and although I should be really pleased, I just feel a little disheartened. It doesn’t help that mother nature dealt me another cruel blow this week by sending me my monthlies (Thanks Mr A Biotics!) and I always seem to gain weight when it’s time of the month. I know a loss is a loss and as a very kind lady on twitter said that if I lose 2lbs per week for the next 52 weeks i’ll be 104lbs lighter! Wow, that’d be nice!

So, week one:2011 under my belt on the new plan, what am I going to do different this week? Drink more water & get moving more, I have a dog & I’m not afraid of walking him!

Hope you’ve all had a good weigh-in and here’s to week two:2011! {sig}

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