Snowed in..


How chuffed am I that it’s the Christmas holidays? I am really lucky to have been able to book off the Christmas holidays from work and I have 15 long days off work. Next day at work is in 2011, woohoo!

The snow fell right on cue early Saturday morning as hubby and his Dad went into Birmingham City Centre for their annual Christmas shopping trip. The snow carried on through the day quite heavily and by about 3pm there was about 10cm on the ground. It looked so pretty outside. Mikey loved it and spent a good five minutes burying his head in the snow and resurfacing with what looked like a snow beard!

Sunday morning we had planned to visit some friends to deliver Christmas pressies so we attempted to dig my car out and was amazed to see how much snow had actually fallen.

We managed to get the snow and ice off the car and read the in-car temperature gauge at minus 6c. The roads however were lethal, frozen slush and snow is not pleasant to drive on. Luckily the M6 was gritted to perfection and we managed to get to our destination in one piece. My advice, if you don’t have to go out, stay in the warm!

We planned our big Christmas food shop for today so we got up early and made our way to the supermarket. Hubby was a bit worried we would be fighting people off for a trolley as in recent years but no, it was dead and we were able to get 2 big trollies to fill with yummy christmas goodies. This year it’s our turn to host the annual family get together. My Moms side of the family always get together on the day after Boxing Day to meet up and swap pressies so we have prepared for it this year and have food and booze galore in preparation. If we get snowed in, we’ll be sozzled!

Take care in the snow and ice this week {sig}

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