Happy December…snow joke!


What a week! So the week started off really well as we went to the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC thanks to the tickets I won over on Carrots and Kids. I enjoyed the show but as my appetite is virtually non-existant at the moment I didn’t really fancy much to eat or drink. On the other hand, hubby enjoyed a variety of cheeses, sausages and booze!

Monday, we got ‘the call’ at work to say we were going to be Ofsted inspected. Cue panic stricken teachers, tetchy admin and highly stressed SLT!

Tuesday, we got snow! Hubby suffered due to the poorly ungritted roads on his way home by driving down a hill, applied the brakes and nothing happened. He ploughed into the side of a bus. Luckily the most of the damage is to the cars bumper and he got away lightly with shock! Very lucky man indeed however we are now £250 lighter on the wrong side of Christmas :(

In better news, Ofsted went fantastically well. We got judged to be ‘Good with Outstanding features’ so our school is over the moon!

So, with 11 more gets up for work, I am well and truly on the countdown to Christmas! Bring it on!

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