Doggy on ice…


We’ve had a fair bit of snow here in the Midlands recently and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that some dogs absolutely love it. Mikey, our five year old Westie does. This is him in the snow that fell late on Friday night (3rd December); he wouldn’t come back into the house as he was enjoying chasing the snowflakes falling too much.

As much as we both love the snow unfortunately it does bring with it hazardous conditions for both of us. This time last year we had some really cold weather and the garden was all icy and frosty and as usual Mikey had wanted to go out into the garden to investigate. A few minutes later, I heard a yelp and saw Mikey hopping back into the kitchen with blood pouring from his paw. He’s slipped on the ice and caught his claw in one of the slabs and it had ripped it off. Poor little dog was in agony. To cut a long story short he went straight to the Vets, had to be bandaged up until he could be operated on the next day. Thank goodness for pet insurance, that’s all I can say! (Tesco Pet Insurance is worth every penny, paying a small amount each month is so worthwhile, you won’t even notice it! Much better than a nasty Vets bill just before Christmas!) 

Take care of your pets this winter and make sure they’re covered, just in case!

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