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Having watched Kirsty’s Homemade Home this evening, it reminded me that I hadn’t done much cross stitch in a while. I really love cross stitch. It’s a craft you can pick up really easy and make as big or as small as you like. I started doing cross stitch way back in Primary School circa 1992/3 in an afternoon school club and I enjoyed it so much I began to do it at home too. My mum soon got into it and she’s been cross stitching ever since. Mum’s also made some really lovely friends through cross stitch (back in the days when there were clubs and meets!) and a couple of these friends are now closer to us than some of our actual family. So back in the early 90s I was going through a Forever Friends (the cute cuddly bears) phase and had the duvet cover and did loads of Forever Friends cross stitch along with Country Companions ones. I eventually grew out of the bears and began my tomboy phase and completely changed the look of my room but luckily my Mum kept hold of all the cross stitch I had done and made me this;

Sorry about pants pics though light in the bedroom isn’t brilliant & took these on my phone.

The ones with EJC 94/96 underneath them are ones I did, accompanied by ones that my mum stitched for me. 
The quilt is pieced with my old quilt cover and I absolutely love it. It’s 16 years old now, has been to uni with me and is now in our spare room and I’m hoping it’ll stay in our family forever {sig}  

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