Body combat!


This week has been awful. I am having so much trouble with my medication, they are making me feel so sick, bloated, having horrendous stomach cramps, tired and i’m having trouble in the bathroom department. I know these are just the introductory side effects but oh man, I feel like total crap! 3 nights this week i’ve gone to bed at about 7:30pm just so i’ve got enough energy to get up in the morning for work. Last night was the worst! I got weighed yesterday after work and was horrified to learn i’d put on 4lb! I was no amused to say the least. I have had my period this week after it went into hiding for 90 odd days so it could be water retention and my body reacting oddly to the meds. I’m not ashamed to say I had a good ol’ cry to my mom on the phone. I hate feeling like I have no control over my body. I’m such a control freak normally and not being able to go regularly (if you know what I mean) and feel like poop is not like me at all! It’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve had my appointment letter come through to see the dietician and i’m actually looking forward to seeing her. I’m hoping she can point me in the right direction and help me lose weight! Here’s hoping anyway {sig}

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